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due Due Diligence Secrets
What Every Buyer or Seller of a Business Should Know to Complete Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

By Keith T. McAslan

Like marriages, it is hard to predict which mergers and acquisitions will be longstanding and create value. And like any important relationship, you ought to take pause and learn as much as you can before you “rush in.”

If you think you don’t need to do due diligence, the real-life stories in this book will change your mind, and you’ll be grateful you got the information now, before you sign in the dotted line.

In his comprehensive book, Keith McAslan presents a thorough set of questions to pursue in leading up to any merger and acquisition.

“For those planning to sell, use this book to be fully prepared and get the best possible exit deal” ~ Herb Rubenstein, President, Sustainable Business Group

“Keith’s effort and expertise in due diligence and the sales process enabled us to secure a strategic buyer in record time at an attractive price” ~ Mark A. Gold, President & CEO, Western Forge Holdings Inc.
Price - $34.99 plus shipping and handling
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business Business Owners Handbook

The Ultimate Small Business Book

Focus on Management of Money and Leadership

Increase Company Value

By Keith T. McAslan and Marty Koenig

Are you ready for a book that’s actually useful from the first second you read it?
For many years a large number of business books are based on theory as they are written by “coaches” or college teachers who have never been in the trenches. This book is different, as it is written by CFO’s who work in the trenches every day, doing actual work with small and medium business owners / CEO entrepreneurs. Each chapter is short, to the point and contains valuable information the business entrepreneur can implement immediately to have a positive impact on their business.

“Keith's ability to take mundane numbers and put them in a format that is easily understood by the reader is superb. I would highly recommend any business owner take advantage of his knowledge. " ~ Darrell Hornbacher - CEO - Midas Financial Company Price - $19.95 plus shipping and handling
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business Personal Health System

Practical Advice for Safer Healthcare

By Dr. Mary Sue McAslan

Personal Health System is a complete and accurate summary of your medical history and current health information. The Personal Health System is kept by you or your caregiver, either manually written on the forms that follow or kept electronically on your computer. This system is meant to be shared with your doctor or other healthcare providers to help build the partnership necessary for your complete medical care.

Additionally, take the Personal Health System with you when you go to your dentist, eye doctor, therapist and all of your healthcare providers to ensure everyone who takes care of you has available the right information.
Price - $19.99 plus shipping and handling
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business Internal Controls

The Ultimate Guide for Management and Accounting Controls to Keep Your Business Safe

By Keith T. McAslan

This book is meant to be a guide for business owners, accountants, Controllers and CFO’s regarding accounting and management of internal control issues to help keep their business safe and protect their financial assets.
Each chapter addresses specific areas of the business (Revenue, Purchasing, Production, Information Systems, etc.) and provides an executive summary followed by specific standards of internal control. A risk section listing potential internal control problems or weaknesses follows the standards and refers the reader back to the specific standard that may resolve the internal control weakness in question.

The information contained in this book is critically important to all small and medium sized business owners based on my business and consulting experience as a CFO, COO and CEO.

“Keith has done extraordinary work for us. I highly recommend Keith to consult on the internal financial and operational procedures of any business. His background is diverse and you won’t find a better business consultant."

Dan Bendever - CEO/Owner - Blake’s Remanufacturing Services

Price - $34.99 plus shipping and handling

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Future Books

Available - Early 2012

business Post Acquisition Strategies

The Next Steps to Success

By Keith T. McAslan

This book is the companion book to Due Diligence Secrets as it will lead you through the processes after the transaction is complete to help ensure the deal is accretive to revenues and earnings. Remember you didn’t do the transaction to fail, so now that you succeeded and own the business here’s what you need to do next!
Some of the key actions to undertake after the transaction is closed that are discussed in the book are:

  • Integration planning and implementation
  • 100 day plan
  • 13 week cash flow analysis
  • Management team structure
  • Strategic plan development
  • Annual business plan development
  • Lender reporting
  • Financial reporting and analysis

Available - Early 2011

business Preventing Medical Mistakes

Practical Advice for Safer Healthcare

By Dr. Mary Sue McAslan

In my book, Preventing Medical Mistakes, I have put together a three step plan that enables the patient to take responsibility for their own healthcare. These steps are:

  • Ask Questions
  • Know Your Numbers
  • Keep a Personal Health System.

In this book, I present real-life stories that the reader can easily understand and identify with. I point out why medication errors happen, but I also present, in layman's terms, what they can do to prevent a mistake from happening to them. I take a very basic, step-by-step approach of walking the reader through the questions that they need to ask when they are in the doctor's office. I also provide a list of questions that they need to ask their pharmacist about the new drugs that they are being given. In this book, I focus on three disease states that affect many people. These are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. I provide a basic overview of each disease and what the patient needs to do to be sure that they are getting the most effective treatment possible. Finally, I walk the reader through the process of compiling all of their medical information in one central location. This includes their contact information, medication list, lab tests, X-rays, insurance information, advanced directives and more.

The goal of this book is to empower the patient by providing the tools necessary to conduct effective and complete dialog with their doctors and other healthcare providers. Other books have been written telling you what you need to do to prevent a medication error. This book tells you what you need to do and tells you exactly how to do it. Preventing Medical Mistakes is written in a simple, straightforward and informative style, using real-life stories that many people can identify with. After reading this book, people will realize the importance of taking responsibility for their own healthcare and take action to prevent a medical mistake from happening to them.